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Update: Restore Grady Funding

Two months ago, the Fulton County Board of Commissioners proposed cutting funding to Grady from $50 million to $25 million, a drastic cut that would close mental health and primary care clinics.  HealthSTAT members have stayed engaged on this issue, attending public hearings and making phone calls to the commissioners to restore full funding to Grady.

Restore Grady Funding!

Fulton County is proposing to cut its contribution to Grady next year in half - from $50 million to $25 million. (The county is facing a ~$100 million budget shortfall). Since Grady is also facing cuts in the Disproportionate Share Hospital [DSH] Funding it relies upon to serve uninsured patients, and Georgia has decided not to expand Medicaid, the proposed drop in support from Fulton County would have very real consequences. Grady may need to close its outpatient mental health program, shutter neighborhood primary clinics, limit access to specialty care clinics, increase co-pays, or reduce teaching opportunities.

When Grady was at risk of closing in 2008, HealthSTAT mobilized health professional students from around the state in the "Grady is Vital" campaign. The students' participation was critical to helping Grady survive. At the next Board of Commissioner's meeting (Dec 4th 10am - 141 Pryor Street), we need to be there to encourage the Board to restore Grady's funding and preserve the services our patients rely upon. Meeting attendees can offer 2 minute public comments. If you could prepare a brief statement about why Grady's budget should not be cut, that would be wonderful. If you don't want to speak you can reserve time and donate it to someone else, and just showing up in a white coat to demonstrate to the Board that we are engaged also makes a big difference!

A Legacy of Caring and Action

by Joshua Reynolds

Have you seen the news?  Our ears are burning and it’s because HealthSTAT is all over Health Affairs!

HealthSTAT in Health Affairs

Check out the Narrative Matters essay by Robert Woods Johnson Foundation Clinical Scholar and former HealthSTAT member, Katherine Neuhausen: (opens June 3 at 4pm)

What a fantastic year!

As I graduate and move on my from my role in HealthSTAT as President I wanted to take this opportunity to reflect on the past year. I am supremely grateful for the experiences HealthSTAT provided and all that I learned. I would also like to honor those I had the privilege to work with in making this year such a success.

Governor Deal Attends HealthSTAT Legislative Breakfast!

Medicaid Expansion: A Dollars and Sense Issue 

By Sarah G. Candler

The age of patient-centered healthcare advocacy has arrived!  This morning, HealthSTAT hosted its annual Legislative Breakfast at the capitol.  With the help of Rep. Ben Harbin (R-Evans) and the Medical Association of Georgia (MAG), this event has helped bring health professions students from all over the state to speak to our legislators for almost ten years.